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Durofl ex and Cocolatex

Duroflex and its sister concern Cocolatex are one of the leading rubberized coir and latex foam mattress manufacturers in India.

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Our Mission

Our organisation

Our organisation contains 50 members, out of the members there is a seven member executive committee...

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Training Policy

Farmers have a good knowledge and experience of quality control. Kerala Organic Farmers Rubber Association...

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Motivation for Certification

Cocolatex was started during the year 2001to produce various rubber products for the purpose of exporting these products to advanced countries...

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About Us

A farmer's organization under KORFA came into existence to support the farmers in their venture for sustainable organic farming. The primary objective of KORFA is to educate the farmers in sustainable Organic Farming and manage the farms without destroying the ecology. They are encouraged to protect the flora and fauna of the surroundings through Self-Help- Groups.

At present our organisation has 50 members. There is a seven member executive committee having one chairman, secretary and treasurer. The executive committee make policies and decisions. There is an independent approval committee elected from the farmers group and an ICS coordinator, which takes all the decisions of ICS. The ICS coordinator will look after the internal controlling system viz., implementation of internal standards, perception of regulations by the farmers, inspection, documentation, purchase, etc. There will be a documentation officer for keeping quality of the documentation, with two internal inspectors, who inspect the farmers as per our internal standards and report to the ICS committee.

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