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Durofl ex and Cocolatex

Duroflex and its sister concern Cocolatex are one of the leading rubberized coir and latex foam mattress manufacturers in India.

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Our Mission

Our organisation

Our organisation contains 50 members, out of the members there is a seven member executive committee...

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Training Policy

Farmers have a good knowledge and experience of quality control. Kerala Organic Farmers Rubber Association...

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Motivation for Certification

Cocolatex was started during the year 2001to produce various rubber products for the purpose of exporting these products to advanced countries...

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The project is situated in Kottayam , Idukki and Kasargod districts of Kerala. The main crop in the area is rubber along with coconut ,spices and other medicinal plants. This area's soil is naturally suitable for rubber crop. The area may be considered to be best for Organic Farming.

The project extends to 241.90 acres of land owned by 50 farmers.

Area Details:


Mature - 173.9 Acre

Immature - 32 Acre

Nursery - 6 Acre


Roads - 4 Acre

Buildings - 2.50 Acre

Rocks - 8 Acre

Biodiversified area - 15 acre

Brookes - 1.5Acre