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Durofl ex and Cocolatex

Duroflex and its sister concern Cocolatex are one of the leading rubberized coir and latex foam mattress manufacturers in India.

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Our Mission

Our organisation

Our organisation contains 50 members, out of the members there is a seven member executive committee...

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Training Policy

Farmers have a good knowledge and experience of quality control. Kerala Organic Farmers Rubber Association...

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Motivation for Certification

Cocolatex was started during the year 2001to produce various rubber products for the purpose of exporting these products to advanced countries...

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The famers ensure that he complies with laws of the land. As stated earlier all the farms in the present

KORFA belongs to small farmers group. Their commitment to farming is well documented as they play very

keen role in the economy of the state. Most of the farmers produce high value agric products like Rubber, spices, herbs.

Their personal commitment to farming and are exempted from most of the laws required for large farms and plantations and statutory obligations.

Although they are committed to the well being of their employees, they are not overburdened with the statutory records of their workers and are exempt from Minimum Wages Act, Bonus Act and other statutory contributions. Yet the workers are compensated with above minimum wages as wages in the farm sector has increased substantially.

Most of them have 2-3 workers under them and they have personal attachment to the workers which contributes to a good understanding and harmonious relationship which ensures progress and stability.

Many of the customers in US and EU have shown interest to procure agricultural products from these firms. Cocolatex and KORFA have jointly encouraged the farmers to take one step forward to get their farms certified under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This would help the farmers to manage the firms in a most systematic manner and to protect the farms from undue exploitation.